Toni Martikainen

Toni Martikainen

I am a performance-driven Growth Strategist with hands-on experience in marketing, business and web development. Currently working as Concept Owner, Marketing & Business Development.

I am curious, positive and a critical thinker. I have diverse and hands-on experience with modern marketing technologies and tactis, web development and service design. I have bachelor' degree in software engineering. I feel passionated about IT industry, E-commerce and digital services.

If you see me in my free time, I might be watching movies from the 80’s, playing Paradox’s strategy games or reading about history.

Digital Marketing &

I have 7+ years of experience with digital marketing, SEM & SEO and various marketing technologies and platforms for example Hubspot.


I have been developing numbers of websites for new services and companies. I mainly work with Javascipt, PHP, HTML5 and SCSS.


I have been taking part in over 20 Employer Branding projects related to IT companies.


+358 50 4491228

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"Toni can genuinely be described as a renaissance person. At work - be it designing concepts and content, coming up with creative marketing, coding or selling - Toni delivers exceptional results. Off work you might find him crafting, sporting or browsing antique auctions!"

Janne Borro
Lead Recruiter

Barona IT

Barona IT is part of Barona that is the leading private employment agency in Finland. In addition to Finland, we operate in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland and Russia.

Concept Owner, Marketing & Business Development

Sep 2020 – Present

Marketing Business Partner, Digital Talent Solutions

Nov 2018 – Sep 2020

In my current and past roles at Barona IT, I am helping our IT recruitment and resourcing business in Finland, Sweden and Denmark to grow via modern marketing and technology. Besides that I am taking a big role in our own business development. You can find me designing and running various marketing campaigns across digital channels, coding or testing new technologies and tools together with my skilled co-workers. In addition, I take care of our content (website, blogs, podcast and videos).

My key responsibilities:

  • Marketing Strategy and Concepting
  • Digital Marketing  
  • Business and Web Development
  • Customer Cases (Employer Branding, Concepting & Web Development)
  • Sales & Marketing Automations (Hubspot & Salesforce)
  • Marketing and Business Analytics

Selected Projects:

  • Elevate Programs
  • Our team developed and delivered upskilling programs (e.g. and These programs combine recruiting and training. I took part in creating concept for 3 big programs, helped to pick right training partners and operated marketing during the recruiting perioid. These programs gained almost 800 applicants during last year.

  • Recruitment Analytics
  • I was a project manager in our recruitment analytics project, were we implement new recruitment analytics in whole Barona. I was responsible for planning, partner communcation and overall project management during the half year project.

  • Northstar is a career service designed for developers who want to work and live in the Nordics. Me and the Concept owner were responsible for redesigning and -starting the service.

"Toni is a hard working, sales- and data-orientated marketer! He does not only do marketing, but he also takes care of customer experience and his colleagues by being always ready to help. He has fresh ideas to share but he also knows how to listen others. 

Toni has created an amazing marketing strategy for ZEF: inbound content, sales and marketing automations and so on to support sales and customer experience. "

Pinja Perttunen
Customer Happiness Expert at ZEF


ZEF is a free survey tool, taking your interactivity and data collection methods to the next level. ZEF was awarded #4 Great Place to Work in Europe in 2017.

Head of Digital Marketing

Mar 2017 – Nov 2018

Digital Strategist

Aug 2015 – Mar 2017

Me and my team worked on building product awareness and generating leads for the survey tool called ZEF. We created a new inbound and digital marketing strategy for the company and took care of its implementation. I was in charge of our digital marketing budget and KPIs. Besides that I took part in various customer projects as front-end developer and project manager.

3000+ Leads Collected
40+ Customer Projects
50+ Content Created

My key responsibilities as the Head of Digital Marketing:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing KPIs
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • SEO & SEM
  • Sales & Marketing Automations (Hubspot)
  • Web Development & Customer Projects


Apr 2014 – Dec 2015

I was operating my own consultancy company that provided digital marketing and web development for over 20 different small and medium-sized companies.

My key responsibilities as an entrepreneur:

  • Digital Marketing 
  • SEO & SEM
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, BootStrap)

Selected Projects:

  • Bruun Design
  • We designed and implemented a new responsive e-commerce site for a famous Finnish graphic designer Erik Bruun. The website is powered by WordPress. For e-commerce we used Woocommerce.

  • Atlas College
  • The fast-growing Atlas College Ltd is a private institution that provides high-quality osteopathy and masseuse education.

    To increase the number of applicants for the new school, we created a digital and social media strategy for them. Before the first action, we gathered extensive information about Atlas applicants and site users. Based on that we also created new responsive website for both the Massage School and the Osteopathic School of Atlas.

McCann Helsinki is part of international advertising agency network McCann Worldgroup. McCann has offices in 120 countries. McCann Helsinki is working with global and Finnish brands.

McCann Worldgroup Helsinki

Web Developer

Sep 2014 – Aug 2015

I was working as a web developer in various projects. I worked with large Finnish and international clients (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, BootStrap) .

Selected Projects:

  • Matkahuolto: "Punastus tai lahjanlunastus"
  • Matkahuolto is a Finnish company, which operates and maintains bus stations throughout Finland. Matkahuolto's services are available through 2 000 service points around Finland.

    Read more about the campaign

  • Kaalimato: "Sano se sananmuunnoksin"
  • Kaalimato is the most popular online store for sex toys in Finland.

    Read more about the campaign

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